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in June untill further notice.

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Why are we closing?

We were unable to reopen in September due to cash flow problems. We hope to re-open in future.

We expect to add example projects, improve the service automation and lower running costs.

(Eng.) K. Stamps created in 2013 to help students source components for their electronics projects. It was intended to increase exposure. The shop does not make a profit and costs a lot in time and resources to maintain. This is compounded by some customers who don't know how to use the internet, phoning in at all hours, disturbing our usual line of work and family time.

To solve the problems we need to work out how to automate the shop more at little cost. Secondly we need to find an investor to help keep the shop stocked so it can grow.

We appologise that you will not be able to buy from us untill the shop is online again. We will be.

We welcome comments and ideas by email.
PLEEEAAAASSSE, Do not phone us.

Improvements We are looking into. is an after-hours thing for us so we need to automate as much as possible and...

...Improve Customer Ease-of-use. Improve payment system. Improve delivery system. Improve customer enquiry service. Add Example Projects.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions for products and services, or to just say thanks!