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Q: How do I pay by ECOCASH?
1.  Customer dials *151# on the phone

2.  Enter EcoCash Pin Number

3.  Select Make Payment option(2) from the menu

4.  Select sub option (1) Pay Bill

5.  Enter Biller Code 86480

6.  Enter the cart total amount (figure only e.g. 5)

7.  Enter Cart Invoice number (e.g. 27) folowed by your Surname (e.g. moyo) used for maspaka.co.zw account.

 (e.g. 27moyo)  (The cart invoice number is found on the last page of checkout or in the email you receive

from the website)

8.  Confirm Payment (Biller name StaMash should show up to ensure payment is been done to the correct


Q:How do I order from Maspaka.co.zw?
  Maspaka.co.zw is a semi-automated shop online. This means components are cheeper to to lower overheads. This also aplies to labour. The customer is the "picker" and the "cashier".

Follow these steps:

1.  If you do not have an account, open n account for free by registering at maspaka.co.zw (click the "Login/Register" menu link)

2.  Browse the shop or use the search bar to find what you want.

3.  Click "add to cart" button of the items you want (if you click on an item you will be taken to a page which contains details of the item) Note: a couple products don't have details yet - we are working on adding details.

4.  When you have finished add the item you want to your cart click on the shopping cart button.

5.  You can change the items in your cart, add more, change quantities etc.

6.  When you are happy with your shopping cart contents click the "checkout" button in the shopping cart.

7.  If you are not logged in, you will now have to log in.

8.  There are 3 checkout steps and a confirmation page. Please pay attention to detail (read). The steps include: shipping method and details (you can collect from AREA 46 Harare or ship by DHL throughout Zimbabwe). Payment method (currently you can only pay by Ecocash or Bank deposit - I am working on other methods...)

9.  Remember to Read! On the last page (confirmation) you will see your order number - use this number and your surname as your payment reference, e.g. 46moyo. You will also receive an email from maspaka sales(if not check your junk mail).

10.  On normal working days payment confirmation takes up to 24 hours if there are no problems with at ecocash or the bank. After payment is confirmed your order will be packed and shipped.

11.  Shipping is only done on a Tuesday and Friday (Except on public holidays). If you choose Area 46 as your shipping method please note that Area 46 is only open between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday ONLY. (I am working on a new system but it will not be ready for another month or two).

12.  Please remember to read! I have little time to answer common questions.

Q:When will I get my order?
Once payment is confirmed shipping happens on the mornings of Tuesdays and Fridays, except on public holidays. Orders for collection are usually ready at Area 46 by 12pm on the shipping day.

Payment confirmations are cleared at 11am on the morning the day before shipping (11am Monday and 11am Thursday). So for example if you pay AFTER 11am on Monday your order will be shipped on Friday

DHL shipments usually take 24 hours after shipment depending where you are in Zimbabwe (that is they arrive Saturday afternoon for Friday shipments and Wednesday afternoon for Tuesday shipments)

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Can't find what you are looking for?

Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us what you need or how we can help you.

We are currently only accepting ECOCASH Biller payments and Bank Deposits.

Paypal payment option will be available shortly.

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